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A girl falls for the "perfect" guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him.
Martha is trying to find new love after her recent break up and immediately bumps into Mr right. Martha slowly discovers that he is a hit man on the run and that Mr right has made lots of enemies. What will they do when the bad guys come after Martha and Mr Right and what will Mr Right do when the bad guys kidnap Martha.
It&#39;s the classic &quot;girl meets boy, girl falls for boy..&quot; kind of film; a basic paint-by-numbers Action Romantic Comedy, with telegraphed movie beats. However with Max Landis&#39; quirky writing style injected into it, it becomes more than just the sum of its parts.<br/><br/>It&#39;s funny, quirky, and action packed.<br/><br/>Sam Rockwell (Mr. Right), Anna Kendrick (Martha), Tim Roth (Hopper) and RZA (Shotgun Steve) are the real standouts for me in this outing. And who knew RZA was so *censored* funny!?<br/><br/>Speaking of Rockwell and Kendrick, their on-screen chemistry is almost palpable, and for that reason alone you should watch this movie. <br/><br/>If you liked &quot;Mr and Mrs Smith&quot; and &quot;Grosse Pointe Blank&quot;, you&#39;ll enjoy this cinematic experience as much as I did.
When the critics wrote that this movie was strange, this actually increased my interest in seeing it. Sam Rockwell? Hell yeah, I&#39;m in! However, the movie came as a big disappointment. While the basic premise sounded original, the plot is written and executed basically in a way to appeal to twelve-year-olds (nothing bad here, but it was marketed as a more serious rom-com and contains &quot;jokes&quot; that this age group probably won&#39;t get).<br/><br/>Apart from the constant over-acting, the completely far-from-reality dialogue tries to deliver a joke with every line - which results in the opposite and turns the movie into an awkward disaster.<br/><br/>For a love story, this movie is too violent and non-romantic (the main characters fell in love after 5 minutes of being rude to each other), for a comedy, too unfunny, for an action film, too lazy and unrealistic - even more than the latest James Bond installment. Example: OK, the main character has some sort of almost unnatural powers - but Anna Kendrick&#39;s &quot;normal&quot; character catches knifes he throws at her (for &quot;fun&quot;), with her bare hands at the blade? That scene made me quit watching this mess; I doubt the movie got any better after the first half an hour.<br/><br/>All in all, I can&#39;t get how Sam Rockwell and Tim Roth got involved here - what a waste of these great actors…
Rockwell and Kendrick, both of whom can really sell this film’s brand of laid-back quirk, keep things lively.

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