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When young teenage schoolboy Peter Parker investigates the mystery of his parents death and his father's research, he finds himself bitten by a radioactive spider that enhances his senses, strengthens his muscles and enables him to climb up walls. With these abilities he decides to become something greater and soon adopts the alter ego of 'Spiderman'. Web-spinning through New York City, Peter Parker/Spiderman takes up the heroic mantle to save the city from the monstrous 'Lizard'.
The Amazing Spider-Man follows the origin story of Peter Parker's beginnings as the world-renowned wall-crawler. After being bitten by a radio-active spider, Peter acquires amazing abilities which will help him achieve things one could only dream about. In a life-threatening fight for the city, Peter will strive to protect New York City from the threat of his friend-turned-enemy, Doctor Curt Connors: whom has transformed into The Lizard.
Going into this movie I was wondering what else they could do after all the recent Tobey and Kristen movies. I was pleasantly surprised it turned out to be different - more serious, with good acting and a compelling story that leads into a sequel.<br/><br/>Andrew Garfield is a good actor if a bit mutant looking. He is quite good in the role. Emma Stone can play a wide range of ages and looks quite convincing as a high school student. She is more vulnerable and expressive than Kristen Dunst was in her role. Sally Field provides high quality supporting cast.<br/><br/>The scenes of NYC and the swinging around are as good as can be expected.<br/><br/>Liked it better than the Tobey versions. Looking forward to the sequel.
I was waiting for the movie with quite big expectation, and boy it didn&#39;t disappoint me. I enjoyed the movie so much because it looks to me that the maker tried to bring fresh air to Peter Parker character. In the three latest Spiderman movie we can see that the main character is somewhat emo/vulnerable and has been friendzoned for years, but you won&#39;t find that in this movie. <br/><br/>What I like the most is, beside the funny add-on scenes and fabulous heroine, the fact that this movie showed me more real feeling about being a superhero. Spiderman in this movie didn&#39;t just go fly away right away, no, it took time to perfect his move and everything, but that&#39;s what interesting. The special effect is very good looking and the fight has actual unexpected major casualties, it makes the movie looks even more real.<br/><br/>Indeed, there are some downside like the plot that is a little bit hard to grasp and lack of information (deliberately, it seems) on many important names like Osbourn and Parker&#39;s family. However, the fights and the funny scenes could make up for it. You cannot find Spiderman who bring his bag while wearing the costume, actually good looking and charming for the girls, using phones while on action, and still remember to borrow something home in most Spiderman movies.
The film is also faithful to the smartassery of the Spider-Man of the comics, and Garfield's spindly physicality evokes the Marvel illustrations of the 1960s.
No more than the two already made. It had been stated that there would be four movies, with the planned release dates being 2 May 2014 for <a href="/title/tt1872181/">The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)</a>, 10 June 2016 for the third movie, and 4 May 2018 for the fourth. However, as far as the latter two are concerned, this did not pan out (perhaps to unsatisfactory performance or reception of the second movie) and instead the rights/license to the pertinent movie franchise were sold to Sony Pictures who decided to pursue the third reboot of the Spider-Man cinematic franchise. Mary Jane is not the love interest (or one of them) in this film adaption of Spider-Man. Instead the love interest is Gwen Stacy. Gwen was an earlier love interest for Peter Parker, after his failed attempt at a romantic relationship with J. Jonah Jameson&#39;s secretary, Betty Brant, and before Mary Jane in the original comics. Rhys Ifans told Ain&#39;t It Cool News that the man was not Norman Osborn (Green Goblin), but is a representative from Oscorp and someone the fans are familiar with. The man was later revealed to be Gustav Friers, aka the Gentlemen, who is known to have formed the Sinister Six in the comics. Stan Lee is seen in the library at Peter&#39;s high school as The Lizard and Spider-Man are fighting behind him while he is oblivious to the action because he&#39;s wearing headphones with the volume turned up. In the comic books, Peter&#39;s spider powers he got from the spider bite do not include any ability to shoot webbing like in the earlier series made by Sam Raimi. Instead, Peter invented a special spider web-like adhesive and the wrist guns to fire it which are referred as his web-shooters. That is where the imagery of Spider-Man typically folding his third and middle fingers into his palms with the other fingers are extended comes from; he is pressing down on a trigger extending to the palm of his hand with a double tap which allows him to form a fist without causing an accidental firing. The reason you don&#39;t see these in most versions most of the time is that the web-shooters are completely hidden under the costume with only the nozzle being visible. Otherwise, they are fully visible when Spider-Man removes his gloves to deal with technical difficulties with them or to reload. Likewise, Spider-Man in the comics also wears a utility belt which is also completely hidden under his costume. It carries additional web cartridges for reloads, little electronic tracking devices called spider-tracers, his camera, and a special flashlight that projects a light pattern resembling his mask. This element of the character has been the norm for decades in the comics and most of its various other media adaptations. The idea of Peter being able to shoot webbing from his own body (the media referred to this ability as being &quot;biological web shooters&quot;) was first developed in a draft of the first Spider-Man movie script by James Cameron; this idea was later used by Sam Raimi in his films because he felt it would make for more sense than a high school student creating a wonder adhesive, despite the fact that Peter is known for his gift of knowledge in science. This film takes the opposite track to show how Peter was a special kid long before he was bitten by the spider in being able to invent such devices. There&#39;s a short scene in this film that shows Peter discovering a secret lab at Oscorp where spider webs are being studied for some unnamed research. No. It is of its own fictional reality; e.g., separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (by Marvel Studios), separate from the X-Men cinema (by 20th Century Fox), separate from a number of other movie series/franchises adapted from Marvel Comics titles or based upon characters thereof.
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