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Jim was just your average Earthworm until he stumbled upon a supersuit that evolved him. It also gave him super-strength, and various gadgets. But the forces of evil (Psycrow, Professor Monkey-for-a-head, Queen Slug-for-a-butt) looms to in to take his super-suit. He now fights evil with his sidekick Peter Puppy (who has an Incredible Hulk complex) and his girl friend Princess What's-Her-Name. But does Jim have what it takes to save the world? And where does that cow keep coming from?
An average Earthworm stumbles upon a supersuit that makes him a superheroic worm!
I loved this show as a teenager. The surreal gags and post modern humour were something of a breath of fresh air at a time when much of children's animation had lost its charm and imagination. The voice actors all do a very good job, Jim is voiced by none other than Homer Simpson himself! It would be great to see this get a release on DVD with some nice extras. Some concept art would be great to see, I love Doug Tenaple's creations. Some of my favourite memories of the show…Psycrow getting high on coffee, Jim having his photo taken with the Giant Fur Bearin' Trout, The Hamstinator and the guy that can turn his eyelids inside out.
SPOILERS<br/><br/>I still want to see more of Earthworm Jim! This series is one of the funniest of all time! I think the rogues gallery is so weird it beats out both Spider-man and Batman! I would have loved it if the rest of the series villains had showed up(like Major Muckus), but the bad guys were still great! It was so funny whenever Evil the Cat used some plan to destroy the universe, and it would involve a pop-up book or a snowglobe. And it was hilarious when Prof. Monkey-For-A-Head and his monkey head would always argue. Plus, Psycrow was one of the best villains ever! And who could forget Jim!? He&#39;s hilarious! And of course, there&#39;s his evil self, who hates cuteness and stuff like that! And on one episode, he accidentially turned Peter and Jim into babies, and they were so cute that he ran off in fear! This was one of the funniest cartoons ever! It needs to come back! Am I asking too much?!<br/><br/>BOTTOM LINE: Want more Earthworm Jim!

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