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Ajay Malhotra has re-located to the U.S., and has started his own orchestra with the help of some of his friends. His brother, Akshaye, decides to visit him, and on the airplane meets with Priya, and both fall in love. Once in the U.S., Akshaye finds out that the Police have a warrant for the arrest of Ajay, and want to question him about this. Akshaye's attempts to locate Ajay, lands him with a female criminal don named Maya, who also happens to be Priya's sister. Maya is holding Ajay, and will only release him after he hands over incriminating documents. The highlight of the movie is the presence of the Grim Reaper - the Dead Man - yes - none other than the former WWF/ present WWE's Undertaker.
A female criminal don, Maya hosts illegal wrestling match in the U.S, and has the full support of the American Police Commissioner. A singer, Ajay Malhotra with the help of his girlfriend gathers enough evidence against Maya and is going to provide this to the police but before this could happen, Ajay himself is trapped, is wanted by the police and is held captive in Maya's clutches until he hands over this evidence to her. His brother, Akshaye, an army officer, now relocates to the U.S. and begins a manhunt for his brother, himself reaches up with Maya and begins to work as hitman for her. Watch as the events turn around as Maya falls in love with Akshaye and Akshaye loves her younger sister, Priya and will be asked to choose between either, as a wrong choice may jeopardize the life of his brother, Ajay.
Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi is a pleasure to watch. It is one of the best Indian action films, and who would be a better choice for the leading role in the film if not the action hero himself, Akshay Kumar? The film is well shot, well cast, with great and catchy songs, good camera work, relatively high production values and superb locations. It was quite racy and surprising in many aspects. First, the WWF sequences with real undertakers who make appearances throughout the film. Secondly, Rekha, in a completely different role. Thirdly, the unusual locations, including Canada and Russia, which were quite refreshing for the times. <br/><br/>Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, in a brilliant mix of romance, comedy, thriller and of course action, tells the story of Akshay, an army officer who flies to USA for his brother&#39;s marriage. On his way he meets and falls for the beautiful Priya. He later finds out that his brother has disappeared, and the one responsible for this is a vicious and cruel criminal commonly known as Madam Maya, coincidentally Priya&#39;s sister. There starts the story of Akshay getting close to Maya, all in order to reunite with his brother.<br/><br/>This film is complete entertainment. It moves at a very steady pace, it never bores, and is overall an interesting and compelling flick. The action sequences are terrific and evidently well-invested. Akshay Kumar, the film&#39;s main protagonist, is fantastic in this &quot;angry young man&quot; role, which he plays in his own special style. He is good-looking, impressive, and proves yet again his superior prowess as an action star. This is one of his most underrated works at that time. Raveena is beautiful and attractive but does not really have much to do in terms of acting.<br/><br/>The film, however, entirely belongs to Rekha who is astonishing as the vicious and merciless Maya. She is convincing, stylish, beautiful, glamorous, and kudos for the courage romancing the much younger Akshay. And boy, I&#39;m still shocked when I get reminded of her explicit clip with Akshay, when they mud-wrestled like heated animals and then had a joint shower! They literally took a shower together! Akshay is so lucky, man! She was sizzling and so sexually attractive, even at her forties. This actress never feared controversy, and here she emerged as a complete winner!<br/><br/>All in all, Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi is a must-watch. It represents the magic of Bollywood&#39;s 1990s cinema. Whether you&#39;re a Rekha fan, an Akki fan, a fan of action films, a fan of Hindi films, or simply someone who looks for entertainment, you can&#39;t miss this film.
KKK is a great action movie. This was another movie of khiladi FRANCHISE and this movie was a huge hit and really AK&#39;s each khiladi movie used to do better than the previous khiladi movies. For example- main khiladi tu anari grossed more than khiladi and sabse bada khiladi grossed more than main khiladi tu anari and this movie grossed more than sabse bada khiladi. What i liked in this movie was the lavish sets ,the unique concept of the film a film based on the wrestling and gangsters and smugglers involved in it , a film like this hasn&#39;t been made yet,the songs were good in which seed he Sade akshay song was the best ,it is actually made for akshay kumar, akshay&#39;s acting was like okay but his action was epic ,i bet no other bollywood actor can do that type of action that he did lifting undertaker although he was fake but lifting him also is really tough because he will be easily weighing more than 250 pounds and lifting a man whose weight is 250+pounds is a big deal. In this film akshay&#39;s action rises above the script other actors are okay and undertaker&#39;s dubbing in Hindi was horrible i was laughing out loud man, this film clashed with srk&#39;s chahat and chahat bombed at the box office and this movie shined at the box office.I can say this for sure that if this movie would have released in 2014 with 4000+ screens and on a holiday/ festival this would broken all possible records it would have easily done 2 Billion rupees at the box office, this movie could have earned more if it had not clashed with srk&#39;s movie although even despite a clash it was the 5th or 6th highest grosser of the year and without clash it would have been in the top 3 highest grossing movies of that year. It is one of the best action movies and best khiladi movies

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